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PUBLISHED: 09/11/2023

Headquarters of an independent advertising agency, the office designed by Giulia Tubelli is a place that experiments with the unusual.

Fun and duty live under the same roof in this strange - and beautiful - Milanese office: just a few steps away from Piazzale Tripoli, a few hundred metres from the MUDEC, Spazio SOL is the headquarter of Cookies Agency, an independent advertising agency that has recently renovated its headquarters in the Lombard capital. Signing the design was Giulia Tubelli, an architect and artist who overturned the stereotype of the traditional office to create a space that is also an art gallery.

"The request," explains the designer, "was to create an open, flexible, bright and energetic place where ideas can circulate and contaminate each other. The requirement was to bring magic and spirituality into the offices, while guaranteeing the functionality necessary for a dynamic work space'. The result is an enchanting succession of rooms and corridors that welcome diversity by embracing unusual creative ideas. From industrial design to illustration, Giulia Tubelli's wonderful world takes order in an open layout, populated by contemporary furniture and vintage pieces, which closes in on itself only where privacy and logistics require it.

"The unusual starting point for the project," explains the architect, "was the suggestion given by our client, who asked us to work on a selection of sacred animals from the Maya Toltec tradition: the bear, the hummingbird, the coyote. The drawings define the entrance and resting spaces, the cuts in the walls consecutive to each other form a kaleidoscope between the open space and the large meeting room, the desire is to think about work spaces: to work together, to cross gazes, to create dialogue". Elsewhere inhabited by strange creatures, then, Cookies Agency's office occupies a former industrial space without betraying its original aesthetic.

Keeping the concrete floor, the (re)enamelled green fixtures and the simply plastered and painted walls intact, the new elements - mostly created specifically for the project - fit in seamlessly. "The project has been a field of experimentation and dialogue with a company with female management, a demanding client with whom we have been able to discuss profound aspects of the project and the significance of bringing these considerations into the project realised," Tubelli concludes. 'We wanted to shift our gaze and bring a new point of view, not necessarily female, just different'.

Digital editor of Elle Decor Italia,  On Instagram you can find her as @isabellaprisco.  

English translation @giuliatubelli

Giulia Tubelli
architect artist

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